What’s going on?

As a result of Keep Canberra Open’s campaign, the government has ruled out proposing legislation changes trading hours which would have resulted in the destruction of the late night music industry in Canberra.

Keep Canberra Open supporters must remain vigilant to ensure the commitments of our politicians are honoured if re-elected, especially the commitment to include two new members to the consultation process who will represent music and late night entertainment.

We are giving Canberrans a voice to support our vibrant, cultural capital and its thriving music and late night entertainment scene and those that work in it.

Update – Unanimous ACT political party support against reduced trading hours

Keep Canberra Open has proven to be a voice that will help balance the important debate on how to create a vibrant music and late night culture whilst managing the risks of the industry. The ACT government has listened to the people, announcing that they will back down on the proposed reduced trading changes ahead of the election.

Keep Canberra Open has received unanimous pre-election commitments from all major parties on what action they will take if elected ensuring the community is properly consulted in relation to liquor laws into the future. PLEASE READ THESE LETTER BELOW. Keep Canberra Open also sees this as an opportunity to work with government to develop more progressive liquor laws that will help nurture a thriving and inclusive night time economy for our city.

“This is a positive step by the ACT government, but just the first in moving Canberra towards more progressive and safe liquor legislation,” Keep Canberra Open’s Ryan Sabet said. “Our members must remain vigilant to ensure the commitments given by our local members are actioned after the upcoming election in October”

Keep Canberra Open are serious about growing our late night culture and making that culture safe. To help build
positive plans for our city, Keep Canberra Open has developed the Positive Late Night Culture Policy
Paper, which we have presented to Government.

To review this policy please click the link to the right.


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Who are Keep Canberra Open?

We are local music lovers, band members, bar staff, venue owners, promoters, Djs, who care about protecting Canberra’s blossoming music scene. Keep Canberra Open, is our voice to advocate for the protection of Canberra’s vibrant nightlife.

We have come together to stop the ACT Government from taking Canberra back 20 years. We want Canberra to be a tourism capital of Australia.

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“Nightclubs give a platform for creativity, expression and self-growth. My life goal has been to work in the music industry and Canberra has given me that opportunity, something I returned home from Melbourne for. To see it threatened makes me sad for the music scene.”Jakob Woodham, DJ and promoter of Academy Nightclub